• Jump Starts

  • If your vehicle’s battery is dead, the 24 Hour Greenbrier Towing and Recovery service driver can jump start car for you.  We will also tow it the mechanic or location of your choosing.

    In the case of a heavy vehicle which cannot be easily started, the 24 Hour Greenbrier Towing and Recovery mobile-workshop truck has a cranking mechanism to give high current, from high-capacity generators; which can start any vehicle that has a dead-battery.

    If you have flat battery your vehicle will not be in the way of the road-traffic when you call Greenbrier Towing and Recovery for assistance. After starting, the vehicle is moved to a nearby battery retail shop to change or recondition the battery. Our technicians are well trained to handle any auto-electrical problems. They examine the repaired battery and provide your car with proper jump start procedures. If this is not done properly, the motorists can be severely injured from a battery explosion.

    A jump start is only effective for a discharged battery. Other faults like lack of fuel, a failed battery, or other mechanical problems cannot be overcome by a jump start. In such cases Greenbrier Towing and Recovery technicians will aid the customers to the appropriate solution.